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Please read carefully ... Requests that do not conform to these requirements will be ignored.

  • Links pages should not be dynamically generated
  • Links pages are to be reachable from your home page via a text link
  • We do not swap links with mirror sites or multiple sites with the same content
  • Please do not request we come to your site and complete any type of form/s

To succesfully swap a link, follow these 3 easy steps: ...

1. Firstly, place a link on your website to our site using the following information:

Title:  Shop Online in Shopping South Africa
Url:  http://www.shop-online.co.za
Description:  Shop Online in South Africa, source DVD's, books, magazines, music, games, electronics, computers, home loans, Insurance, Lingerie, software, health & lifestyle products and so much more.

2. Secondly, send us an eMail by clicking on "Swap a Link" link:     SWAP A LINK
Please provide the following information about your website:

  • Location where our link can be found on your website ... (As per point 1 above)
  • Your website Title:
  • Your website url:
  • Your website Description

Note: Alternatively, manually send an email to webmaster@shop-online.co.za with the same information:

3. After we have received your request, we will:

  • Confirm our link loaded on your website
  • Validated the suitability of your site
  • Notify you of confirmation of your link and location.

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