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Yamaha Music
Yamaha produces some of the finest mucical equipment in the world with the goal of producing products and services that satisfy the needs of music loving people worldwide. Yamaha's products, and services, are recognized the globe over for its superior quality in design, craftmanship, acoustics and technology. Yamaha's products and services are highly regarded by all its customers the world over, including home users, professional musicians and institutions.

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Paul Bothner
Bothnersí South African origins date back to around 1902, when Charles Bothner, a piano tuner by trade, set up shop in Cape Town. The business was soon importing and selling pianos. Over the next 50 years, with contributions from his wife and sons, Bothners became a countrywide household name. Paul Bothner Music is a customer driven business and the family believes in nurturing long-term relationships with their customers. Their focus is on providing excellent service and expertise with a team of experienced experts. The staff members are highly trained and will assist their customers in a technically competent way. Emphasis has been placed on a strong infrastructure to provide back-up service and support.

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Music Connection
One of South Africa's biggest musical instrument retailers in South Africa, Music Connection is every musicians primary destination. If you want to have the choice over a huge number of brands of amps, guitars, keyboards, drums and much more, make Music Connection your first choice destination.

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Music World
Music World started out as a small family business and expanded to the great store we have today. The Music World team has more than 30 years of experience and fully understands the need of musicians. We do not only provide customers with a store selling cost effective, superb quality musical instruments, but also provide unprecedented service and friendliness. A music shop where musicians meet and beginners start with their first instrument. Youíll experience passion for music, friendly service and good vibes at our shop, not to mention our user-friendly online store!

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African Musical Instruments
African Musical Instruments are makers of high-quality African Instruments and have done so for over four decades. In this Global Village our hut is the one with the Music and Laughter coming out of it, intermingled with the Spicy smell of Sneezewood. For 40 years we have produced the Original Hugh Tracey Kalimbas, the first and still proclaimed world-wide as the best. But now making Kalimbas is only a small part of what we do; click and take a look.......

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