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Favorite Fanatasy
Favorite Fantasy have a selection of vinyl, lingerie, costumes, Hosiery, leather and a whole lot more available.

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Simply Georgeous Sleapwear
Simply Gorgeous Lingerie stock brands such as Sans Complexe, Shirley of Hollywood, Nookii and Leg Avenue imported from around the globe as well as local brands such as as annabella sleepware which is designed and manufactured in South Africa. We also offer a great range of novelties.

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Lynns Lingerie
Lynns Lingerie is dedicated to giving women of all sizes a discreet, safe way to buy beautiful intimate apparel online.

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Leatherotica specializes in handmade lingerie and other sexy garments and underwear made from the softest of suedes. We produce ultra sexy garments such as ladies underwear and thongs which are really comfortable, durable and very sexy to wear. Spice up your and your partners evening with a sexy piece of lingerie from one of our unique ranges delivered discreetly to your door.

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We are stockists of the sexiest lingerie such as panties, babydolls, stockings, corsets, bodystockings, nighties and other interesting garments. Spice up you relationship with the sexiest of underwear deliveed to your door.

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We stock intimate and erotic underwear for the ladies as well as very sexy designer lingerie. Our range of underwear is just plain HOT, from our range of bridal lingerie to those sexy fishnet stockings, you will find that our great range of erotic and sensual underwear will be sure to please even the most critical of customers.

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Lingerie Lovers
If you are to nervous to go shopping for lingerie in the local lingerie store, look no further for that very intimate apparel so desire. At Lingerie lovers, you will find you have ever wanted to liven up those sensual evenings, with a great range of intimate underwear and seductive nighties. You can also look through our wide range of bodysuits, bridal underwear, teddies, garter sets, body stockings and lace gowns. At Lingerie Lovers we cater for all, from the tiniest girls through to the more voluptuous figures.

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Kitten Emporium
At Kitten Emporium, we offer a safe and secure location to shop online for that sexy, exotic lingerie. We stock lingerie for everyday use as well as honeymoon lingerie or lingerie for that very special day or person. Our range includes Ed Hardy, Wonderbra, Hustler, Leg Avenue and much more!

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Pink Apple Bottoms
Pink Apple Bottoms stock very exotic and sexy lingerie such as Bras, Panties, Lingerie sets, Babydolls, Stockings, Catsuits, Teddies and a rabge of accessories that will make his mouth water.

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Candy Fox
Candy Fox is about uniting all the little things that help you do that, in one online shopping experience. As an intimate lingerie and accessories boutique, we have carefully selected products we know you’ll love. You’re a vibrant modern woman, and you’re expected to have it all. A great job, a family, a buzzing social life – and a smoky hot private life.

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Pinned Up Lingerie
At Pinned-Up lingerie, we provide the most sexy lingerie at the most competitive competitive prices. We stock soft, elegant and sensual ranges which we are sure will cater for your taste. From babydolls, Corsets, Catsuits, Bra's and Panties and so much more.

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Lollipop Lingerie
At Lollipop Lingerie, we know that it is all about passion and excitement. We want to spice up you marriage or your relationship by brining passion into your home or bedroom. We know that when yo browse through our products, you will become excited about what is on show and what it will do to your partner. At Lollipop lingerie, we stock a very sexy range of products, besides a unique range of lingerie, we also sell dress-up outfits and a great range of toys and accessories.

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Buying lingerie online has many benefits which may not seem initially apparent. Firstly, most importantly is that most women are shy when it comes to underwear and walking into a lingerie store can be overwhelming and embarrassing. Buying your lingerie online not only allows you to browse all the various garments available, but also allows you to shop at various lingerie stores, browsing global brands such as Sans Complexe, Shirley of Hollywood, Nookii, Leg Avenue, Ed Hardy, Wonderbra, Hustler and also local brands such as Annabella Sleepware, to name but a few. Shopping online also allows you to spend the time you need looking at all the sensual and exotic lingerie like romantic lingerie, romantic novelties, bustiers, g-strings, thongs vinyl, costumes, hosiery, leathers, hot bras and knickers, corsets, garters, play suits, dresses, bodystockings, teddies, fantasy wear, clubwear, nighties, bras, panties, bra & panti sets, cami sets, chemise, lingerie sets, babydolls, catsuits, and a range of great fantasy accessories. Browse the numerous styles, designs, colors, and allow yourself the time to really look at all the garments instead of just moving along quickly in order not to be embarrassed. Consider that some of the larger online stores have huge selections of really good stuff, that you could spend hours browsing, looking at lingerie you never knew about. Would you honestly do that in an actual lingerie store?

It is important to know that Men do like women to wear lingerie, and although most men fantasize about their partners answering the front door in their birthday suit and a pair of high heels, the whole exercise may be over 5 minutes later, so wearing sexy lingerie is the next best thing to really set the mood and also ensure a fun filled and/or very romantic and sensual evening. Buying sexy lingerie for their partner gives most men a real rush, considering their thoughts of their partner in these sexy garments. Men however are also embarrassed, possibly more embarrassed than woman to walk into underwear or lingerie stores and talk to some strange female shop-assistant while trying to buy something intimate for their wife or girlfriend, so shopping online for lingerie is the next best thing and definitely a better proposition. Dealing with complete strangers when buying something intimate for a person close to you is not something that most men want to do or will ever look forward too.

This being said, women are still the ones that buy the most lingerie garments. Consider the front door scenario above to which is not really a option for most women. Women are definitely more romantic and prefer an evening to be more personal, intimate and sensual preferring a build up to something special. Lingerie makes a woman feel sexy, sensual and exotic and is a great way to spice up both new and old relationships.

Buying lingerie online is beneficial for a number of factors, with the best benefit being the cost. Online lingerie stores are able to provide garments at lower prices than stores because they have fewer overheads. So in effect, not only are you able to browse all the lingerie, but you also get to save money when you make a purchase. You need to also consider the fact that you can browse multiple stores, comparing styles, color and prices, ensuring you get the best deal possible available.

Shopping online for lingerie is a fabulous way to find all the new styles and trends and more importantly, you can order, receive and get to wear these lingerie garments a lot sooner than when they will arrive in most underwear stores.

Variety may also be important to some and if we consider that woman vary in size and shape; some woman may really struggle to find lingerie or a lingerie store that stocks their style or size.

Shopping online not only solves this problem, but allows them to shop in the privacy of their own home. They can get what they want, when they want it and have the garments delivered to their door. Shopping for lingerie and other intimate garments has never been this easy.

At Shop-Online, we strive to make life easier for all online shoppers and ensure that there is a selection of leading online lingerie stores available at the click of a button, thereby ensuring you are able to not only find the lingerie you are looking for, but provide you with the opportunity to see what the trends are, what the styles are, what colors are available, the different brands, the sizes and a whole lot more. With shop online, lingerie and that fantasy wear are just a click away.

We hope you will enjoy our site!

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