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In the Consumer-to-Consumer arena bidor buy views itself as a replacement to the traditional Newspaper's Classifieds section. Whereas in the Business to Consumer sector bidor serves as a Virtual Shopping Mall, letting virtual shopping space to vendors to display their good on offer to their virtual clients.

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or is a virtual trading place that brings buyers and sellers together and allows them to buy and sell virtually anything in an exciting auction format, using the Internet. Prices of goods offered on bid or are not fixed. The price is determined by the minimum price that the seller is willing to accept for his product and the maximum price that the buyer is willing to pay. Sellers are able to convert their unwanted products into cash and buyers are able to find products at very desirable prices.

Goods sold range from vacation packages and flight tickets to computers, home electronics, motor vehicles, books, music and sports equipment. Other vendors may be individuals selling new or second hand goods.

How does bid or Work?

Without registering or divulging personal information, Internet users are able to browse descriptions and images of all products offered. In order to participate in the auction, users are required to register, which takes approximately 60 seconds. They will then be assigned an account number and password, which will allow them to bid on products and to list their own products for auction. When listing an item the seller decides what the reserve price will be. This amount is not disclosed to other users but there is a message on the product page saying whether or not the reserve price has been met. (Note: The bidding may start below the reserve price). The reserve price is the least amount that the seller is willing to accept for the product.

Goods are displayed on auction for a period - between 1 day and 4 weeks. The seller decides on the auction period, usually depending on the type and value of the item on offer. On completion of a successful auction (i.e. at least one bid over the reserve price (if one is set)) both seller and buyer(s) are notified automatically by the system of the successful deal. Thereafter both parties make contact in order to conclude the deal. Both sellers and buyers are bound by a legal agreement, which they sign upon registration on the site.

Over the years Bid or Buy has evolved to a unique and complete environment whereby those that want to buy goods outright, and not have to wait for an auction to close, also have the ability to do so by searching for goods with a "Buy Now" button. The "Buy Now" feature allows sellers who want to sell their goods, either new or secondhand online, to do so as they would in a classifieds environment. For those traders who do not necesarily have their own store fronts are also able to sell their goods, at great prices, due to the fact that they do not have any overheads to recover. We have however found that a number of registered online stores have also begun to advertise their goods on Bid or Buy due to the vast number of registered users and unique visitors that Bid or Buy get on a daily basis.

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