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Shop-Online was developed by an Internet consumer for Internet consumers. A local based group of South African individuals that strive to deliver a service that exceeds all your expectations.

Shop-Online is not just another shopping web site, but so much more. We are a virtual shopping mall that provides a wide range of products and services and designed to make shopping online quick & easy and with the knowledge that you are supporting a local South African business.
At Shop-Online we have worked hard to bring together a website that would offer you not just business services, but give you access links to what we hope will become your favorite links and websites as well as provide information to what we consider some of the most popular sites around.

We all prefer a central hub of information, products, News, Weather and any other useful stuff. Continuously searching the Internet can become monotonous or trying to remember those useful site links when you have lost all your favorites most irritating. Then there is shopping....well, where do we start, who is selling what, what are the Internet addresses, where do we go for the best prices.......and so the idea was born.

We will try and create that central hub of useful information and attempt to make your Internet browsing & shopping experience one that you will enjoy and remember... with the hope that you will continuously visit us and use Shop-Online as your hub for products, services and useful information!

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